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You’re always playing a role.

The world seems to have dictated who you’re supposed to be, how you should act, and even how you should feel.

You feel suffocated by the weight of other people’s expectations. People always count on you to be the dependable one, the high-achiever, and the peacekeeper.

You try so hard to be the person everyone needs, but in the process, you’ve lost touch with yourself. 

Shadows of the past still haunt you.

Even in your busiest moments, there’s a constant whisper in the back of your mind reminding you of past traumas, anxieties, and challenges.

Without warning, the pain of these old wounds resurfaces, ruining the present and making the path ahead seem uncertain.

It feels impossible to move forward when you’re still hopelessly trapped in the past.

You’ve tried to find a solution yourself.

From self-help books lining your shelves to meditation apps on your phone, you’ve sought relief.

Perhaps you’ve even attended the occasional wellness weekend, or changing your environment might have promised a fresh start.

Yet, each time, the profound transformation you yearn for seems just out of reach, leaving you wondering if real change is ever possible.

Something has to change.

If you continue letting unhealthy patterns dictate your life, things will only worsen.

You’re tired of feeling inauthentic, looking in the mirror and wondering, “Who am I?”

Every day that goes by, you feel less and less in touch with your truth.

There is another way.

Making a change can be frightening, but with the proper support, you can do it.

It’s possible to peel back the layers, confront past pains, and rediscover the authentic you.

Let’s embark on a path of self-discovery, healing, and transformation together.

Hi, I’m Jackie.

And I’m so glad you’re here.

I know firsthand what it’s like to feel caught in a storm of self-doubt and pain, unsure of who you are or where you belong.

But I was fortunate enough to discover therapy as a sanctuary where I could unravel, heal, and rebuild. And now, I’ve made it my mission to provide this same support to people on their own quests.

Combining a holistic approach with evidence-based modalities, including EMDR, Ego State Therapy, DBT, and CBT, I will walk with you on this journey to a more vibrant and unburdened life.

It’s time to navigate your path to well-being together. Call me now, and let’s get started.

Start the next chapter
of your life.

Dive deep, explore, heal, and emerge as a stronger, more aligned, and authentic version of you.

What my clients say…

Not only is Jackie a great therapist, she is an admirable person. In the time that I have been lucky enough to be a client of Jackie’s, I have overcome great adversities and learned lessons I still use today. I participated in group therapy with Jackie as the lead therapist never left group unresolved. She encouraged me and my peers in ways nobody else ever could. I would recommend Jackie as a therapist to everyone if I could! Under her guidance, I was able to process and move non from traumatic events and live the freeing life I do now. I will forever be grateful to Jackie and I know new clients will feel the same.

Konstandina P.

She saved my life. Every time I go I feel more at peace with myself and it feels like we’re rebuilding my life little by little. I suffer from anxiety everyday and I find myself suffocated in my delusions, and she makes every time less serious than it actually is and gives me an honest, realistic perspective. Would 100% suggest visiting her if you are an over-thinker and suffer from anxiety and feel like you have no one to speak to.

Justin R.

What a warm and welcoming environment. I felt safe and the work we did was so liberating. Thank you Jackie – you have a gift. Looking forward to my next appointment!

Brenda P.